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The Rose Creek Initiative officially formed in 2004 as a group of neighbors advocating to create a small community park in an overlooked and under appreciated corner of the Capitol View Neighborhood. The group's goals also including connecting the park to the neighborhood with a walking trail and cleaning up Rose Creek at the east edge of the Capitol View. The Rose Creek Initiative officially became a 501c3 in 2022.


Connecting community trails, creating a park, and protecting the Rose Creek watershed for the benefit of all.


Chair - Mason Ellis               

Vice Chair - Alicia Lucas

Treasurer - Laura Winning

Secretary - Larissa Barry

Board Member - Nancy Sheehan

Board Member - Kayti Ewing

Board Member - Robby Reddish

Board Member - Mike Sprague


“The shallow stream of Rose Creek within a comparatively small area in this section winds through exceedingly varied scenes, now over a pebbly bed surrounded by scattered cypress, now through a meadow with groups of willows, now through a little grove, and now through a rocky ravine—of small proportions but much beauty—under a bridge at a point suggestive of a beautiful permanent structure in keeping with surrounding nature, and thence on to its junction with the Arkansas River, westward of the Rocky Bluffs. Such natural features are precisely the elements to determine the site of a park, and while it has been impossible to fix any definite areas on the general plan, whatever sections may not actually be required by the railroad may with particular appropriateness form connections between the Capitol grounds and the River Bluffs.”

Description of Rose Creek Park by Landscape Architect John Nolan in his 1912 “Report for a Park System: Little Rock Arkansas”.

The first mention of a proposed Rose Creek Park can be traced back to an early parks master plan for the city of Little Rock over 100 years ago. However it wasn't until the concept was adopted into the 1996 Neighborhood Master Plan for the Capitol View Stifft Station Neighborhood that it began to gain traction. In 2004 a neighborhood organization was formed to work with city officials to make the park a reality and in 2022, the Rose Creek Initiative officially became a 501c3c nonprofit. Today, our group continues to work with elected officials, city staff, private land owners, public agencies and volunteers to help put together the pieces of the puzzle that is Rose Creek.

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